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4.3L V6 VVT DI (LV3)

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State-of-the-Art Technologies

GM engineers spent over 10 million hours creating the Next Gen technology. Every millimeter of the combustion system was carefully designed to support the most ideal combination of direct injection, active fuel management and variable valve timing, making the most of power, torque and efficiency.

Direct injection technology moves the point where fuel feeds into an engine closer to the point where it ignites, enabling greater combustion efficiency. It fosters a more complete burn of the fuel in the air-fuel mixture, and it operates at a lower temperature than conventional port injection. That allows the mixture to be leaner, so less fuel is required to produce the equivalent horsepower of a conventional, port injection fuel system. Direct Injection and cylinder head design allow increased compression ratio. The 11.0:1 compression ratio has a greater thermal efficiency than previous engines. Higher thermal efficiency like direct injection means better brake specific fuel consumption.

Kodiak GEN V engines utilize the new MEFI 7 ECM. MEFI 7 is the latest in the line of robust electronic engine management from GM.


  • Displacement: 4301 cc (262 ci)
  • Engine Orientation: Longitudinal
  • Compression ratio: 11.0:1
  • Valve configuration: Overhead valves
  • Valves per cylinder: 2
  • Assembly Site: Tonawanda and Ramos, Mexico
  • Valve lifters: Hydraulic roller
  • Firing order: 1-6-5-4-3-2
  • Bore x stroke: 99.6 x 92mm
  • Fuel system: DI
  • Fuel type: Regular unleaded
  • Max. Engine Speed: 5000 rpm
  • Engine Mass: 633 lbs. (287 kg)
  • Emissions controls:
    • Three-way exhaust catalyst
    • Pre and post catalyst O2 sensors for each bank (four total)
    • Positive crankcase ventilation
  • Peak Horsepower (hp):
    • Kodiak Marine…294 hp @ 5000 Rpm
  • Peak Torque (lb-ft):
    • Kodiak Marine…331 lb-ft @ 3800 Rpm
  • Materials:
    • Block: Cast Aluminum
    • Cylinder head: Cast Aluminum
    • Intake manifold: Composite
    • Exhaust manifold: Cast Aluminum with closed cooling
    • Main bearing caps: Powder Metal
    • Crankshaft: Forged Steel
    • Camshaft: Billet Steel
    • Connecting rods: Powder Metal

Information may vary with application. All specifications listed are based on the latest product information available at the time of publication. The right is reserved to make changes at any time without notice.

Additional Features

  • All new weight saving aluminum cylinder block casting
  • All new cylinder head design with new port shape and valve placement
  • Increased compression ratios
  • Advanced oiling system - variable displacement pump
  • High-strength aluminum alloy pistons
  • Oil-jet piston cooling
  • Stronger, larger diameter push rods High flow intake manifold and electronic throttle
  • Iridium tipped, extended life, spark plugs
  • 58x crank timing

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