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Diacom Marine PC Based Diagnostic System

KODIAK Marine / KEM Equipment uses and recommends Diacom engine diagnostic software for GM MEFI ECM equipped engines. All KODIAK marine and most KEM Equipment industrial engine models use MEFI ECMs. Diacom can read engine parameters and detected trouble codes. Diacom can record engine parameters during operation. Diacom can clear codes and reflash ECMs with new calibrations. Diacom kits available from KEM Equipment or Diacom consist of software and a cable to connect your Windows based PC to the engine through the engine diagnostic connector.

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DIACOM® Marine for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

The Diacom® PC based marine diagnostic system gives you the power and flexibility you need to troubleshoot today’s advanced EFI systems.

DIACOM® Marine unlocks the computing power of your Windows based notebook or netbook PC and provides state-of the-art features to pinpoint EFI system problems quickly and accurately.

DIACOM® Marine Features

  • ECM reflash capability for factory authorized marine and industrial dealers
  • Print hardcopy reports and Export data to other PC programs
  • Record live EFI data to capture elusive intermittent events
  • Exercise outputs and run EFI system tests
  • Read and Reset system fault codes
  • Plus many other troubleshooting and productivity features...

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