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Mobile Engines

Mobile 3.0L
(LP, gasoline, dual fuel)

Mobile 4.3L
(LP, gasoline, dual fuel)

Mobile 5.7L

Mobile 8.0L (GFI-LP)

Custom Mobile
Engine Applications
Various displacements and fuels certified or noncertified. We can help you determine and build the best engine for your application.

Stationary 9.1L

Operations Manuals:
 8.0L / 9.1L / 10.3L Stationary Operations Manual


The 8.0L, 9.1L, and 10.3L engine family was designed from the ground up as an industrial engine. From the engine block to the heads to the camshaft, each component was designed to perform in an industrial application. KEM Equipment provides this engine platform with the proven reliable GM MEFI ECM. The ECM provides spark and fuel control making KEM Equipment's 8.0L to 10.3L some of the cleanest running and most reliable engines available.

Family Highlights

  • Models available to run on propane or natural gas
  • EPA and CARB certified packages available to meet environmental regulations
  • Available in closed or open power units
  • Available with the MVP control panel
  • Lots of governing options available—from running a pump to a generator, KEM Equipment has you covered
  • 10.3L and 9.1L utilize KEM Equipment's dual fuel mixer system for power and control
  • Oil coolers provide long engine oil life and constant performance
  • Available water jacketed manifold for temperature-sensitive environments
  • Electronic throttle provides precise RPM/load control
  • Smart start protects starter from damage

Engine Features

  • Hydraulic roller valve lifters for reduced friction and improved performance
  • Engines are balanced for minimal vibration and a smoother running engine
  • Piston oilers for cooler piston crown temperatures and increased wristpin lubrication
  • Large capacity oil pan features port and starboard drain plugs for easier maintenance
  • Stellite-faced exhaust valves; stainless steel intake valves ensure performance in extreme duty applications
  • Hardened valve guides for longer life
  • Cylinder heads feature hardened exhaust and intake seats for outstanding durability
  • Hydraulic roller lifter camshaft, optimized for industrial applications
  • Coil-near-plug ignition includes crankshaft, camshaft, coolant, and oil pressure sensors; as well as eight ignition coils
  • Forged aluminum pistons designed specifically for extreme duty

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